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About us:

We began our training year together in 2017, and braved the tough times of PGCE with many mugs of tea, diet coke, and late-night planning sessions on Skype. We both got our first jobs teaching in the same city but in schools at opposite ends of the spectrum, so our highs and lows of teaching since graduation have been quite different! Nonetheless, we are united by an absolute love of our subject and always return to a mutual fondness for King John. As of September 2019, we are proudly – but hesitantly – RQT.

We began this blog as a space where we could continue to share our ideas with each other (and, as we’re being 10% braver, with others). We want to compare strategies, share resources, and consciously develop our practise as we go through our careers. It is aimed primarily at teachers at the same stage as us, but anyone who finds it useful is very welcome.

We do not own any images used on this blog, except the resources we created. As far as possible we have tried to use reusable images but if there is a problem, please do contact us.

10% braver

10% prouder

10% louder

10% Braver: Inspiring women to lead education, ed., Vivienne Porritt, Keziah Fetherstone (2019)

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Thinking of getting into teaching? Currently training to teach?

This week we’ve had a very nice lady (@amalsayala) in the department to see if she wanted to embark on a teaching career, or not. She asked some really tough questions and we’ve tried to answer them honestly! We both trained with a schools direct programme, very closely supported by the University PGCE course, butContinue reading “Thinking of getting into teaching? Currently training to teach?”